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Alpaca Diary

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Lusi Alpaca Diary November 2015

National Show contender

We have booked 4 places for the National Show next March, we don’t have to decide exactly who will go yet but I’m pretty sure that we will take two junior female blacks and a fawn intermediate female and a fawn intermediate male.


We will check them again in the New Year to confirm who will be representing Lusi Alpacas at the biggest show of the year.  Exciting times ahead!

We have moved all the females and their crias around to the winter paddocks. They are more sheltered from the wind and have a lovely big shelter for the alpacas to go in if they choose.


Some are quite happy to sit out in all weathers, even when the rain is bucketing down some will sit just outside the shelter!  I think we all feel better if we know they have somewhere to go if they want to, even if they don’t always use it!


They are all looking well and as the weather has been so mild the grass is still growing, it’s so nice to see green fields this time of year. I even had to top some paddocks, as the grass was getting too long!


Potential show fleece

We have started halter training the youngsters in preparation for weaning. I like to have them happy with a halter on before they leave their mums, makes it less stressful than after they have been separated. 


Two of our black boys have already been sold and will go to their new home in January. These lovely owners already have three of our boys from last year so the next two will have some friends already waiting for them.  It’s so nice to see new owners so enthusiastic about having alpacas.


The next lot of vitamin AD&E injections will be done at the end of the month along with body condition scoring and any toenails that need a trim. General herd health is something we take very seriously so health checks are done on a regular basis alongside the daily checks.

Halter training 

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