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Alpaca Diary

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Lusi Alpaca Diary June 2015


Alpaca babies, called crias, are arriving fast this month. We had a gorgeous black female arrive on June 7th we have named her Skyfall, and then the next day our only grey female produced a stunning fawn daughter. We were expecting her to be grey like her parents but surprised us being fawn. The good news is that her fleece is absolutely fantastic and we would expect her to be in the show ring next year. We have named her Tizzy, after my great aunt.


Three days later and another black male cria arrived, who weighed in at 20lbs, which is a very good weight for a newborn. He had to have a name beginning with ‘W’ so he is now known as Wilbur.

The very next day another black male was born to one of our livery clients, he’s a real cutie with a white spot on his head and has been named Tito.




So each morning they all get weighed to check their progress as alpacas should gain about 1lb in weight each day. They are all feeding happily from their mothers and also they start to nibble grass at around two to three days old.


Late each afternoon they start to charge around the paddocks playing tag with each other, it is said that they do this to raise their body temperature before the cold night sets in, clever little things! But whatever the reason they are just adorable when chasing each other around.


We have four more due to give birth in the next couple of months so we are very busy here but it is one of the best times of the year. The weather is looking fine and watching the little ones sun bathe with their mothers is one of the best sights in the paddock.

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