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Alpaca Diary

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Lusi Alpaca Diary February 2015


We had some snow for a couple of days this month, but nothing spectacular! Alpaca don’t mind the snow with their thick fleeces as long as they have plenty to eat and can get out of the wind.


Its a busy time on the farm with preparations under way for the show season, the ‘Spring Alpaca Fiesta’ and the BAS National Show are close upon us so halter training is in full swing. 

Organising the ‘Fiesta’ takes up a lot of time – getting funding, taking entries, and making sure everything is in place for this very prestigious show but we have a great show committee and we are all getting excited at having the show at a new venue this year.




















Another job at this time of year is pregnancy testing to check that all the females have carried their crias through the winter. Luckily all have tested positive so we will have 12 births to look forward to this summer, starting in May and going through to September, I think we will be very busy, but nothing beats the sight of a new born alpaca even when you’ve had quite a few its still the best thing about the alpaca business.

Lusi Alpacas have bought two new female alpacas from our friends at Inca Alpaca in Dorset. These two alpaca ladies are very special indeed and we were privileged to be able to purchase them from Tim and Tracey Hey.  They are both pregnant so we are very excited about seeing their new offspring.

We have some alpacas going to new homes in Italy and Belgium so export testing is being carried out, making sure they are all as healthy as possible.

We are always sorry to see our beloved alpacas leaving the farm but they all are going off to lovely new homes and we can’t keep them all!


Next month – show time!!


For more information on keeping alpacas go to our why alpacas web page or our FAQ page. To see our Alpacas for sale list click here.




Lusi Firestorm practising halter training

Spring Alpaca Fiesta rosettes.


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