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Alpaca Diary

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Lusi Alpaca Diary May 2015

We also had all the alpacas sheared earlier in the month. It’s quite a big day for all concerned but everything went to plan. A newly shorn alpaca looks very different without the thick fleece and I really like to look of them at this stage. Though they do look at each other in a strange way when they go back out into the paddocks.


We have 9 more births to look forward to this year, right through to September so lots to report over the coming months.





The spring appears to be coming here at Lusi Alpacas, the grass is growing fast and the temperature is warming up. The pregnant females are looking very pregnant indeed and we are delighted to announce the first cria of the year was born on May 26th.


A lovely solid black male weighed in at 18lbs who was up and running around in no time. He was born to one of our first alpacas to be born here at the farm, her name is Willow and though she has quite a personality (!) we love her to bits. She is the dam of our prize winning male stud Firestorm and this little chap, whose sire is the multi prize winning Popham Thunder is showing just as much promise at this early stage.



















Up and running in no time

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