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Alpaca Diary

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Lusi Alpaca Diary September 2015

Our two new arrivals

We have been enjoying some lovely late summer sunshine this month and it’s so good to see the little ones growing on so well and getting strong and healthy before the colder weather arrives.


With the days getting shorter we will begin to give all the herd extra vitamin A, D&E each month as the amount of sunshine here in the northern hemisphere is a lot less than the alpacas native South America.


The last two crias arrived this month. The first one was a lovely female, out of Warrenfield Inca Maria. She is very pretty indeed and a beautiful dark fawn colour. 

Three days later our last expected cria arrived, out of Lisilu Jubilee, a very well built male with a cracking brown fleece. 

These two have become inseparable – playing and sleeping together all the time. 

The dams of these two are for sale and the crias will go with them, we will miss them when they go.


The last of the matings have taken place and all see to have taken so now we start looking forward to the next group of crias expected next year.

Playing in the September sunshine

The entire herd have been health checked this month with body scoring to monitor weight and all teeth and toenails have been checked and trimmed if needed.  Poo samples have been sent to the lab to check for worm eggs and all came back negative. So we can be confident that all the herd are in good health going into the winter.


We have new field shelters this year so should the weather turn nasty all the alpacas can keep warm and dry, that is if they want to - some will sit out in all weathers!!

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