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Alpaca Diary

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Lusi Alpaca Diary March 2015


An exciting month at Lusi Alpacas. We were asked to go on BBC ‘The One Show’ with our good friends from Inca Alpaca. Demonstrating both types of alpaca – the Huacaya and the Suri, all were very well behaved and Matt and Alex seemed quite taken with them.






Lusi Alacas Lulu on the 'One Show'

Lulu explains the different types of alpaca on BBC's 'The One Show'

Click for larger image

The next weekend was the British Alpaca Society National Show. This is the first show of the season and always an exciting event. Its great to meet up with friends and catch up on all the news. Lusi Alpacas had a very successful show with our adult male Lusi Firestorm getting a second place as did our lovely grey male, Greyfriars so we were delighted with them both.


We are now hard at work organising the Heart of England Spring Alpaca Fiesta, taking place on April 11th/12th. We have 300 alpacas competing over two days so lots to see and do and a very busy time for all involved.


We have also had to say goodbye to some of the herd, three black females have gone to a new home in Belgium and three young males have gone off to Italy. We wish them all the best and a very happy life in their new homes. It’s always a bit sad to see them leave but we can’t keep them all!!


We will let you know next month how the show goes, and we are nearly into birthing times so lots to look forward to in the next few weeks.



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