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Alpaca Diary

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Lusi Alpaca Diary October 2015

The weather this October has been lovely with warm sunshine and very little rain. The grass is still growing in the paddocks so the alpacas are all getting plenty of nutrients to set them up for the winter months. We feed hay and haylage all year round also as the alpacas like good forage with plenty of protein to keep their stomachs healthy. Alpacas have three stomach compartments, whereas cows have four and horses have one.


The sunshine is also giving the growing crias  plenty of vitamin D, though we do supplement extra vitamins in the winter months.


This time of year we check all the shelters in case they need repairs and make sure water pipes are protected from the cold, just in case we get a chilly winter!  Alpacas do well in the cold, they don’t seem to mind low temperatures and as long as they can get some shelter from the harsh winds and rain they will stay out all the time. We have named the last two crias that were born Hazelnut and Butternut, they are still inseparable.


Hazelnut and Butternut

Even now we are thinking ahead for next year, entries for the National Show will be opening in December so we will be looking closely at the herd and seeing who might make the show team!!


Organisation is beginning for the Heart of England Spring Fiesta, one of the biggest shows of the year, this will be held in Bedfordshire on April 16/17th.

Shows take a lot of organisation so it’s never too early to start.


Next month we will have more details on the show team and some of the youngsters will be weaned from their mothers.


Youngsters in the Autumn Sunshine

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