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Welcome to Lusi Alpacas

LUSI ALPACAS was started by Lulu Oliver and Simon Phipps in 2007 with three alpacas. Since then, with a selective and educated alpaca breeding programme, our alpaca herd has grown year on year producing ever improving quality black and coloured alpacas.  We have researched and accessed  some of the best known and successful genetics available to continually improve both body confirmation and fleece characteristics in each new generation.

Having spent the first years carefully establishing our  herd and increasing our knowledge of all aspects of alpaca farming we have a happy and healthy herd, some of which are now offered for sale on our alpacas for sale page. We have breeding female alpacas, young male alpacas and potential stud males. We have packages on offer for new owners to begin their alpaca adventure, visit our Alpacas for Sale page for details. 


We offer a personal and informed  service to new customers and established breeders.  We will take you through all aspects of alpaca ownership, whether you want pets, guard animals, or you also want to embark on this very exciting and potentially lucrative business opportunity. 

We are situated in Northamptonshire, Central England and easily accessable by road, rail or airport.  



For more information on keeping or purchasing alpacas visit our Why Alpacas, Alpacas for Sale and Our Services pages.

Visit our new online shop for fabulous alpaca cushions and alpaca bedding including Duvets, Pillows and Matress Toppers. 

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